Information about RG مللوماس

Information about the project.

Information about the project.

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RG Integration project

The project is implemented by the non-profit association RG Aktiv Rehabilitering in cooperation with the Swedish Migration Board and is funded by the Swedish National Inheritance Fund. The project will end on 31 December 2022.

The project is religiously and politically unaffiated.

The project aimed to provide migrants with spinal cord injuries or similar conditions

  • Increased physical ability.
  • More knowledge about their life situation and their circumstances.
  • Understanding of the opportunities they have to live an active and independent life.
  • Better opportunities for integration and participation in Swedish society. 

The project also targeted family members, civil society, the public sector and authorities who come into contact with migrants with mobility impairments.

To achieve the aim
we worked with

  • Workshops and courses in Active Rehabilitation.
  • Raise the level of knowledge, through lectures and workshops, of migrants, relatives and persons who, through their profession, meet migrants.
  • Contact and follow-up with migrants who are participating in the project.
  • Adapt RG's regular activities so that it can include the projects target group.
  • Online social forum where exchange of experience can take place between migrants and Swedes with spinal cord injuries, where migrants can get advice and tips about their situation.