The Active Rehabilitation Method

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Role models

A role model is a person who has several years of experience living with an injury or diagnosis. They are comfortable with themselves and show good examples in their way of life. A role model is credible and someone you can identify with. In an educational way, they communicate their knowledge and experience to others.

Focus on opportunities

We focus on all the opportunities that exist. Even the things that you experience as limiting can be turned into new opportunities. You have a unique potential and you make an active choice how you want to use it.

Everyday setting

We spend most of our lives doing regular day-to-day things. It is difficult to completely control day-to-day life if we want to be social and active. There are physical and practical obstacles to consider and often social and emotional aspects often have a significant impact also. Therefore, all RG's operations take place in everyday setting. 


Physical exercise

Physical exercise is central to RG's activities. It is a prerequisite to be able to take advantage of all opportunities and develop your independence in everyday life. Apart from an improved physique, physical exercise also affects the quality of life in a variety of other positive ways. It improves your mental health and increases your opportunities for a social and active life.

Mental process through interaction with others

Everyone who suffers an injury goes through a mental process. At RG we work with the mental process through a series of meetings. Together with others, you can identify yourself and feel safe. During these meetings you will obtain the tools and motivation to work on your independence. When you meet others in a similar situation, it will become clear how important the mental attitude means – you choose how you want to live your life.