Travel tips

Even people suffering from impared mobility have many possibilities to travel the world and see new surroundings places.

Even people suffering from impaired mobility have many possibilities to travel the world and see new surroundings and places. With some general advice and information on packing and the like, it is much easier than you think, and visiting relatives and friends, a weekend trip, or any travelling by bus, train, boat or air will turn out fine

Travelling by public transport

In most places, travelling by public transport works well. The wheelchair space is shared with prams on buses, trams and the underground, for example. Therefore, availability may be limited, especially during rush hour. Plan your trip and find out what options applies in your area.


Most buses and trams in city traffic have floors that can be lowered or ramps that make it easier to get on.
On many timetables you can find the wheelchair symbol, indicating that the bus or tram is wheelchair accessible.  

SL (Stockholm public transport)

Much of the SL service is accessible to people with disabilities. On you will find information about which journeys are accessible.

By phoning SL on 020 120 20 22 you can get information about accessibility and book an attendant.

NB! Times for pre-booking an attendant can vary depending on your chosen mode of transport, what time you are travelling, and your location.

If you have a färdtjänstkort (subsidized travel card) from Region Stockholm, one (1) companion can accompany you free of charge. If you do not have a subsidized travel card, you and your companion must pay for the trip


Travelling by train in Sweden is easy. If you are travelling alone and want help getting to and from the train or when you are changing trains, you can book an attendant. Attendants are available at many stations and there is no additional charge. You need to book no later than 24 hours before your trip by phoning 0771-75 75 75. To ensure a safe journey, they need to know the dimensions of your wheelchair and the combined weight of both you and it. Have this information ready when you phone to make the booking. If possible, limit the amount of luggage to two small bags, weighing a maximum of 20 kilos.

If you cancel your trip, you need to cancel the attendant no later than 12 hours before the departure time. You call on the same phone number you used to make the booking. 

At train stations that provide attendants, there is a designated meeting place. The attendant will be wearing a yellow vest and will help you to the train. If the attendant has not arrived at the agreed time, phone 0774–44 55 55 (tone selection 5).

On board the train, the train staff will show you to and from your seat.
You can book your wheelchair space at SJ Booking. Departures with a wheelchair space is marked with a wheelchair symbol next to the departure in the timetable. If there is no wheelchair space on the train you wish to travel on, you can contact SJ for assistance.

There are two different wheelchair spaces to choose from:
Wheelchair space: a floor surface intended for parking your wheelchair. When booking this type of space, you must remain in your wheelchair while travelling.
Wheelchair space with a seat: floor space intended for a wheelchair only next to a regular seat. If you want, and if you are able to, you can move over to the regular seat.
Read more at: Disability travel info.

Please note that electric scooters/electric mopeds (available as both 3 and 4 wheelers) and electric bikes counts as vehicles and are not allowed on board. 

Travelling by plane

On Transportstyrelesen's (the Swedish Transport Agency) website, you will find information on “Att resa med funktionsnedsättning” (Travelling with a disability). This information is only available in Swedish.
The site provides information regarding what people with a disability or reduced mobility should keep in mind when travelling by plane.

Most of the assistance you need will be provided without paying any additional fee, for example assistance to get on board the aircraft. Check for any additional fees when booking your ticket.

Good tips and information

Inspiring travel stories 

On under TEMA RESOR you can read about inspiring trips with people who have travelled the world despite their mobility impairment.

Travelling with a wheelchair  

On the following websites you will find helpful tips and information.


The travel agency Welltrips can help you find accessible hotels. They also organize group trips to different countries. Perfect for people with a mobility impairment or if you need a little extra comfort.


Handiscover is a community-based holiday accommodation booking website for people with physical limitations, including their family and friends. They also have a Facebook page with pictures and tips on hotels, tourist attractions and more.


The travel agency FunkisTravel t provides trips to quality-assured destinations for people with a disability.

Tips for travelling in a wheelchair Facebook

“Resetips i rullstol”  is a closed group on Facebook that is available in several languages. The group provides tips on suitable destinations and hotels for people in wheelchairs. This can apply to everything from suggestions for long-haul flights, hotels, sight-seeing, and restaurants. You can also provide your own suggestions.