Support and rights 

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Right to an interpreter 

You have the right to an interpreter in all your contacts with the authorities and the healthcare sector, either on site, via video link or over the phone. If you are a woman and want a female interpreter, you can ask for one.

All interpreters have a duty of confidentiality, which means that they are not allowed to tell anyone what you have said. For you to trust the interpreter, the interpreter needs to be impartial in terms of ethnicity, religion, politics, and other grounds, that is, not take anyone's side. If you have difficulties understanding the interpreter or if you do not trust the person, you have the right to ask for a different interpreter.

LMA card

When you apply for asylum, you will receive an ID card called an LMA card. LMA stands for Lagen om Mottagande av Asylsökande (the Reception of Asylum Seekers Act). It is important that you always carry this card with you because it gives you certain rights, for example healthcare rights  Read more about LMA cards

Medical checkup  

After applying for asylum, you will receive an appointment for a free medical check-up in the region where you live. You are advised to go to the medical check-up which is for your benefit and reassurance. It is completely voluntary, but if you have a mobility impairment or have had polio, for example, this is required for you to get the right help and support. The check-up is performed to detect any ill health, to find out if infection control measures are required, and to provide you with information about what healthcare and dental care is available to you. 

The healthcare services will also arrange for an interpreter if necessary. Show your LMA card or the receipt from your asylum application if you have one.

Even if you have been in Sweden for a long time without a permit, you can be offered a medical check-up if you seek medical care.

Link to Healthcare for Asylum Seekers and 1177 Care Guide

Right to healthcare

If you have an LMA card you are entitled to certain medical care. Read more at: Healthcare for asylum seekers – Migration Agency
You always have the right to care that cannot wait, for example conditions that can be life-threatening or have other serious consequences if you do not receive care quickly. Care that cannot wait is determined by the relevant doctor, nurse, or anyone else who works in the healthcare sector. 

Here you can read about what applies if you do not have a social security in Sweden. You need to pay a patient fee for the care you are seeking.How healthcare works if you come from another country

The healthcare and social services’ confidentiality laws cover everyone, regardless of whether you have a residence permit or not. 


If you need an apartment that has been adapted for someone with a disability, you must inform the Swedish Migration Agency. The cost of accommodation will depend on where you live during the asylum process. You can stay at an asylum centre (anläggningsboende, ABO) free of charge. This may entail being allocated an apartment in an ordinary residential area or sharing such an apartment with other asylum seekers.

If you choose to arrange your own accommodation, you will also have to pay the rent. You can move back to accommodation provided by the Swedish Migration Agency during the asylum process if you find that it is difficult to live on your own. For your safety and security, you need to keep the Swedish Migration Agency updated about your address.



Daily allowance 

If you do not have money of your own and cannot support yourself, you will receive a daily allowance during the asylum process. The allowance is low and is only intended to cover essential items.

The daily allowance can be reduced, or withdrawn completely, if you start working or if you “complicate” your asylum investigation, for example by hiding from deportation, by not helping to obtain proof of your identity or in other ways failing to participate in the process.

Public counsel

To help you with your application for asylum you have the right to the assistance of a legal advisor, usually a lawyer, who will represent you in your case with the Swedish Migration Agency. That person will help you free of charge. NGOs can provide you with more information about experienced lawyers who can act as public counsel

These councils have no connection to the Swedish Migration Agency.

Read more at the Migration Agency and FARR, The Swedish network of refugee support groups

The Migration Court

If your application for asylum and residence permit is rejected or if you receive a ruling in a similar matter, you can appeal to the migration court. The appeal must be sent to the Swedish Migration Agency. You will receive help from a public counsel with the appeal.

Swedish language teaching

Language is a very important part of being able to function in society and finding a job. While you are waiting for a decision, you can get access to TIA, Tidiga insatser för asylsökande (Early Interventions for Asylum Seekers), at several adult education associations. Through TIA, you will have an opportunity to learn Swedish. You will also learn about Swedish society, about health and about working life. You will also meet people whom you can share experiences with.

If you are granted a residence permit, you can continue your language training at SFI (Swedish For Immigrants).